We have made it super easy for you to get started by putting together the industries trusted wallets in one place!

What is a wallet and why do I need one?

A wallet, like the name implies, is the digital version of the real life item. To be able to send and receive CryptoCurrency you need a wallet. It is used to store your  a digital keys and hence your CryptoCurrency coins.

What is a Wallet Address?

A wallet address is used by the sender as a place to send your crypto, think of it as being similar to an email address which where someone can send your electronic mail to. To receive your crypto in your “wallet” you would give the person sending you money a wallet address `that you control.

Which Wallet should I choose?

As a general rule of thumb each coin has its own wallet software, however there are also wallets that can house various CryptoCurrencies. Decide on which CryptoCurrency you wish to purchase and then proceed to download the required wallet to store your purchase. Should you wish to send your CryptoCurrency to someone else then get them to also download their own wallet and then send you their address. Do not exchange your wallet private keys with each other.

Do I need a wallet for each coin?

Some wallets that we have suggested work with several coins and others are more specific. Be sure to select one that supports the coin you wish to buy or exchange.

Are there fees for downloading a wallet?

No. Wallets are downloadable for free from these 3rd party websites.

Desktop Wallet

Exodus Wallet

Exodus Wallet

Bitcoin (BTC), Lightcoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Mobile Wallet

Enjin Crypto Wallet

Enjin Crypto Wallet

Bitcoin (BTC), Lightcoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH)


HandCash Wallet

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Ripple Wallet

Ripple Wallet

Ripple (XRP)