XRP Garners 60% of Votes on Twitter Survey

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Ripple’s token XRP has had an excellent run lately with some promising growth. For a long period of time, XRP has held its position as the second biggest cryptocurrency. Making its followers, known as the Ripple army, some of the most influential in the marketplace at the moment.

Ripple has proven to have an excellent public relations team. The token started out with mostly negative sentiment because of its contradiction of the core cryptocurrency philosophy. With excellent marketing and PR, XPR is now widely publicised and positively supported by the crypto market as a whole. In fact, Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings, who are well-reputed evaluators of the crypto-verse, went onto Twitter to ask its followers which their favourite token was: XRP came out on top above all other tokens besides Bitcoin. This is important as high acceptance is one of the ways that tokens are rated, and this type of survey measures the community’s perceptions objectively and whether general preferences have changed over time.

While Bitcoin has always been and remains the dominant cryptocurrency in the marketplace, the survey showed that 60% of the 8505 voters chose XRP as their preferred cryptocurrency and while it is not the most widely-used it certainly shows that there is strong support and optimism for XRP.

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