Bear Market Will Be Gone-Says Famous Bitcoin Whale

bear market

Bear Market Sentiments of Anonymous Bitcoin Whale: 200M_Trader

Who is 200M-Trader? The now-famous trader that goes by the pseudonym 200M_Trader has quickly become renowned for making over $200 million within 30 days.  He originally invested in Bitcoin in 2011 and after making great profits came to the Ethereum table with $55 million which turned in to an astounding $238 million.

Rare CCN Interview with 200M_Trader

The trader who insists on remaining anonymous agreed to an interview with CCN.  The interview covered:

  • His initial involvement in Crypto
  • How the Bear Market has affected his fortunes
  • His latest investment of $45 million into the Roobee platform

200M_Trader’s Initial Involvement in Crypto

In the interview, he explained that his love affair with Bitcoin began in 2011.  He realized that the technology of blockchain would permanently change the economic relationships throughout the world. He also mentioned that it was very difficult to buy Bitcoin with fiat money at the time.

How the Bear Market Affected the Fortunes of 200M_Trader

The bear market is currently still bearish, despite predictions of a steady upturn in 2019.  200_M told discussed how he had sold enough to live on during the last bull run.  He claims to have taken Bitcoin profits at $10,000 – $12,000 and Ethereum profits at $450 – $1,200, and that he is now unaffected by the current bear market conditions.

I already had an experience of a big downfall of the market from 2013 to 2015, when the market rapidly went down at Bitcoin’s price of around $1,200. That time I did not sell anything. I have not made the same mistake this time. However, the downfall is always a possibility to stock up again, which I do now as well. The market has cycles, and it’s important to remember this during both the rapid growth and the strong downfall. It’s also just a matter of time when the big players will enter this market well and truly. We have this time for now and we need to act.

Like other traders, he expressed a communal sentiment that the bear market would meet a swift and even measurable end. He believes that the next Bitcoin block reward halving will serve as a trigger for steady growth away from the bear market . As it draws nearer the results of Bitcoin will be much improved in his opinion.

I would advise you to count down the remaining days before halving, rather than count the number of days the bear market lasts, this figure will encourage optimism every day.”

200M_Trader’s Current Business Ventures

Roobee Platform

At present, 200M_trader is a major investor in the Roobee Platform.  His major cash infusion allowed the platform to launch an investment service for use by Generation Z & Y investors

The Roobee Platform is used to solve issues like:

  • Quick Diversification
  • Transaction Security, and other features as it his strong belief that companies are no longer getting away with failure to deliver on products.

Cryptocurrency Investments

Other investment avenues that 200_M is involved in besides Bitcoin are Ethereum, EOS, TON (Telegram Open Network) and other majorly successful projects. He is adamant that pure profit was not his only motivating factor.

I fully support the movement. The point of no return has been passed – this technology won’t fully replace the traditional instruments, but will change them fundamentally, thus giving access to financial instruments to a wider range of people in the world.

Investment Strategy of 200M_Trader

The trader finally mentioned that his investment strategy is to only invest in projects that can reach a capitalization of $1bn within the time frame of 5 years.

In 2017 this strategy allowed me to transform $55m into $283m within a month. Moreover, I’ve seen a lot on the cryptocurrency market over the past three years, and in 2019 only products with tested business models, solving real tasks facing our world, take the lead.

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