Get Cryptocurrency In 3 Easy Ways

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Learn How to Get Cryptocurrency in 3 Simple Ways

Outlining how one gets their hands on the digital currency, we are going to look at the different ways one can obtain this new age currency. Here we will explore what it is, and the top three ways one can get their hands on the digital currency:

  1. Mine
  2. Earn
  3. Buy

What are Cryptocurrencies?

They are essentially digital currencies that use encrypted coding – the art of writing or solving code. These currencies are built on blockchain technology, a digital public ledger that records all transactions, ensuring the information cannot be altered or tampered with.

For more information, read our Crypto 101 guide.

Three Ways To Get Digital Currencies

1. Mining

Simply put: mining is the process of verifying transactions for various cryptocurrencies and adding them to the blockchain. Every time a transaction is made, the miner uses dedicated computational power and is responsible for ensuring the authenticity of information and updating this information on the blockchain. The process involves miners fighting to solve a complicated mathematical problem first. The winner who cracks the code first is rewarded by being able to authorize the transaction and, in return, earns a small amount of the currency for themselves. This requires a special type of hardware, which can involve very high start up costs that are not necessarily returned through the mining process.

Here is a good place to start doing some research.

2. Earn

As a merchant, you can use digital currency as a form of payment in exchange for goods and services. Clients can transfer the requested amount directly to your crypto wallet. As of June 2018, over 48 000 businesses were accepting digital currencies as payment, as well as 80 000 European stores and 70 000 companies on Shopify. Be sure to check out your countries legislations regarding cryptocurrency and taxes.

3. Buy 

By using trusted payment gateways, you can buy digital currency with FIAT currency.

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