CryptoFish Launches Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange service with 140+ coins

CryptoFish, the new retail platform that is rapidly gaining traction for buying Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies instantly with credit or debit card has launched it’s instant Crypto Exchange or Coin Swap service today.

“In addition to offering instant purchases of cryptocurrencies via credit or debit card we are proud to add instant coin swaps or exchange to our product offering. We want to keep things simple and easy to use so that new users can effortlessly move between different cryptocurrencies without having to learn the ins and outs of a complicated trading exchange. We feel our approach will lower the barrier of entry and ultimately make the user experience less cumbersome and frustrating”. Says Wes Carlson – Chief Operating Officer, CryptoFish


Once the user selects exchange on the Cryptofish platform it only takes 1-2 minutes to enter the cryptocurrencies they would like to swap to, their receiving wallet address and email, before pushing confirm. The user is then given an address to send the cryptocurrency they wish to trade out. Depending on the speed of the blockchain the user can expect to receive their new cryptocurrency coins within minutes and in some cases even seconds.

CryptoFish will soon be expanding its product offering further, adding various payment methods, including some which are unconventional, to cater for African countries and other underserved regions around the world.

“We want to grow the community and get more people onboard this Digital Revolution. We are currently in talks with various partners and suppliers to expand our payment options to cater to places in Africa and similar less serviced regions of the world.” Says Lara Swart – Head of Compliance, CryptoFish

For further information or to test out the easy top use CryptoFish platform, please visit:

About CryptoFish

CryptoFish facilitates the purchase and exchange of CryptoCurrencies worldwide through an online and mobile interface specifically designed to take the complexity out of the process. FISH stands for Financial Intelligence Serving Humanity. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that all can partake in the digital revolution without barriers of tedious onboarding, payment difficulties and limited countries of service.

CryptoFish has aligned with pioneers of the CryptoCurrency industry and we are founded on the principles of reliability and trust. We apply best practices in the industry with reference to privacy, transfer, and security.



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