Top 3 Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin

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Top 3 Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto and first described in Bitcoin Whitepaper released in 2008. The Bitcoin Blockchain open-source software was  first released the following year. Blockchain technology is rapidly growing with one year of development in crypto roughly equating to a decade of development measured in the legacy financial system years.

The definition of Bitcoin implies that one of the foundational use cases of the cryptocurrency is the medium of exchange. Crypto investors are faced with the eternal question. HODLing Bitcoin “until moon”  or spending your crypto now. Below we provide you with a list of the top 3 things you can buy with Bitcoin in 2019.

1. Buy With Bitcoin:  Buy a tour to outer space organized by sir Richard Branson with Bitcoin

It was  in the year of 2013 when Sir Richard Branson announced that you can pay with Bitcoin to take a tour of space. Back in the day, the price of Bitcoin hovered above 100 US dollars. And given that the price of the Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo ticket is $250,000 that means you would have had to pay 2500 Bitcoin back in 2013; however, the trip to space would cost you only just 30 Bitcoins today.

In a way, you can spend Bitcoins to truly claim the, famous among crypto enthusiasts, “to the moon” phrase.

2. Buy With Bitcoin:  Buy blockchain gaming business with Bitcoin  

Buy-blockchain gaming-business-with-Bitcoin

The second place on our list goes to BitKong, a game which is built on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain. This online game is a great example of integrating cryptocurrency and gaming.

The game puts a user against the evil ape where the user has to compete for a share of his treasure, a stash of bitcoins! MentalMarket, a popular cryptocurrency e-commerce store, lists the game for sale at 13.865 Bitcoins. The game boasts an impressive turnover of 800 Bitcoin per month. A new happy owner will get the game with complete tech backend,  a set up notification system as well as existing user base.

If you decide to spend your Bitcoins on the game, not only you will be able to enjoy the game, but you will also become the owner of an innovative business producing passive income!

3. Buy With Bitcoin:  Buy golden jewelry and diamonds with Bitcoin


The last item on our top 3 things you can buy with Bitcoin list is diamonds and gold. Reeds Jewelry, a company founded in 1946 in North Carolina, provides customers with the ability to buy engagement rings, Pandora charms, gold ingots and even loose diamonds with Bitcoins both online and in all stores.

Right now the most expensive ring listed on the website costs a whopping 19,999 US dollars or 2.36 Bitcoins.

This Forevermark round diamond rose gold engagement ring is crafted from 18-carat gold. It  boasts a 1 1/2ct round main diamond as well as many smaller round diamonds placed on the band. You would certainly need to pay a premium for this ring because the ring has the best 1% of diamonds placed on it.

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Have you already set your mind on what you will buy with Bitcoin? You can choose to shake your crypto wallet to fly to space, buy a diamond ring, become a gaming tycoon or you can continue to be a HODLer and enjoy the jaw-dropping appreciation of Bitcoin over time.

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