4 Easy Steps To Buy Ethereum With Debit Card


4 Simple and Easy Steps to Buy Ethereum With Your Debit Card

You’ve heard Ethereum (ETH) is consistently one of the top three cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization.  nNow you want to know how buy Ethereum with your debit card. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide for you below.  Let’s get you started!

Why buy Ethereum?

Ethereum is blockchain platform that allows developers to create decentralised apps (dApps). The coin that fuels the platform is called Ether, and this works the same way as other cryptocurrencies in that it is a tradable commodity. However, Ether is used to fuel the Ethereum network, meaning that developers need to pay Ether for code execution.

The Ethereum platform is also notorious for revolutionizing the use of smart contracts, by allowing users to create their own. Smart contracts facilitate the exchange of anything of value – money, property, content, etc. You can read more about them here.

The Ethereum platform can be compared to the likes of an app store as it allows developers to create any apps, on one decentralized platform.

How to buy Ethereum with a Debit Card

On CryptoFish you can easily buy Ethereum with your debit card. Simply enter your email address on the home page and click “Get Started”.

buy ethereum debit card

1. Register

To register you will need to enter your name, your email address and create a password of your choice.

how to buy ethereum with a debit card in 2019Once you have clicked “Get Started”, you will receive an email with a link to activate your CryptoFish account. Follow this link and you will return to the CryptoFish site and land on your dashboard page.

2. Select ETH or USD or EUR Amount

buy ethereum with debit cardbuy ether with debit card

You will see two options here. You have a choice between selecting a predetermined amount of Ether or entering your own amount that you would like to spend or purchase. Ensure that you have selected the ETH symbol on the top left, or use the dropdown menu to select Ethereum if you are entering your own amount. CryptoFish has already calculated the ETH rate for you.

When paying with your debit card, CryptoFish accepts all local currencies. However, on the website the prices are displayed in USD and EUR. You can select the alternative by using the dropdown menu.

Once you have confirmed the amount, click “Buy Now”.

3. Enter your ETH wallet address

how to buy ethereum with a debit card in 2019

Once you are happy with the amount of Ether you have selected, you can enter your wallet address.

If you don’t have an ETH wallet you can click on the red text below the Ethereum Address block “don’t have one”. Alternatively you can download one here.

4. Payment

buy ethereum with debit card

This will take you to the payment site. Fill in your personal details and billing information and continue to the second page where you will be asked to fill in your debit card details. This is 100% secure, as CryptoFish does not store your debit card details.

The next page will be the Verification process where you will need to upload your government issued ID. The page will run you through several guidelines, make sure that you follow them for speedy verification. This process is typically instant, but could take a maximum of twenty four hours.

Once your payment and wallet address are confirmed, CryptoFish will send your ETH immediately. The time it takes to arrive in your wallet will depend on how busy the network is at that time.

Well done! You now know how to buy ETH with a debit card in 2019. Remember to share this easy guide with your friends!

How to track your Ethereum?

Yes, by logging onto blockchain.info, a publicly available “blockchain explorer”, you can enter your wallet address and see the transaction details and if the cryptocurrency has been sent / received.

how to buy ethereum with a debit card in 2019

You are welcome to contact the friendly CryptoFish support team if you are feeling unsure about anything: support@cryptofish.com.

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