Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card in 4 Easy Steps

buy bitcoin with credit card

Instantly Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card in 4 Easy Steps

So you want to know how to buy Bitcoin with credit card but don’t know where to begin. You’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started with the basics.

Why Buy Bitcoin?

Launched in 2009, Bitcoin (BTC) really only took off in 2017 when mainstream investors and entrepreneurs started seeing Bitcoin as a legitimate asset class, like stocks, bonds and commodities. With astronomical increases, this cryptocurrency made the world take notice.

Created to enable payments to be sent between users bypassing any central authority, such as bank or payment gateway, Bitcoin is entirely decentralised. It runs off blockchain technology, increasing the integrity of encrypted transactions and ensuring that they cannot be tampered with. There are a predetermined amount of BTC in existence, approximately 60% of the coins are in circulation, with new coins arising through the process of Bitcoin mining (more on that here).

Don’t want to invest in an entire Bitcoin? Don’t stress, BTC can be broken down into fractions going down to as many as 8 decimal places (one hundred millionth). 0.00000001 of a Bitcoin is called a Satoshi, named after the anonymous entity that created Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream with Bitcoin at the forefront. You can read more in depth information regarding this cryptocoin here.

Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card

To buy Bitcoin with credit card is easy when you use CryptoFish. Head to Here you’ll see a prompt to buy Bitcoin, simply enter your email address and click “Get Started”.

buy btc credit card 2019

1. Register

From there, you’ll land on a page asking you to register. Simply enter your name, email address and a password of your choice.

buy btc instantly 2019

This will be followed by a prompt to activate your account via the email address provided. Follow the link from your email and you’re all set up.

2. Select Amount

The link will take you to your Dashboard. You are now registered and ready to buy Bitcoin with Credit Card.

buy btc credit card simple 2019

buy btc simple

Here you will see two options: to either purchase predetermined amounts, or you can enter the amount of money you are looking to spend. You will see that CRYPTOFISH has already worked out the Bitcoin rate for you.

CryptoFish currently accepts most currencies, however the prices on the website are displayed in USD or EUR. Note: you can change the currency from USD to EUR in the drop down option.

Confirm amount and click “Buy Now”.

3. Enter Your Bitcoin Wallet Address

buy bitcoin credit card 2019

Confirm the amount of Bitcoin that you would like to buy, and enter your wallet address.

Don’t have a wallet? You can get started by downloading one here, or click on the helpful link on the bottom right of the address block (“don’t have one”).

4. Payment

buy bitcoin credit card trusted 2019

You will be redirected to the payment site. From here, you can fill in your billing information, click continue and enter your credit card details. CRYPTOFISH does not store your credit card details.

When you reach the verification tab you will be asked to upload your government issued ID. Make sure that you follow the guidelines (color picture, all 4 corners visible, JPG format etc) as indicated on the page. This verification process is typically immediate, but can take up to a maximum of 24 hours.

CryptoFish will send your cryptocurrency immediately after the payment and wallet address have been confirmed. The time taken to receive your Bitcoin once it has been sent will depend on how busy the network is at the time.

You have now successfully purchased bitcoin with your credit card in 2019.

Can I track my bitcoin purchase?

buy bitcoin 2019


Yes, you can log onto a publicly available “Blockchain Explorer”, we’d recommend When you enter your wallet address you can see the transaction details and confirmation of whether the coin has been sent / received.

Buy Bitcoin with CryptoFish

CryptoFish provides the latest news, educational insights and a secure place to buy various cryptocurrencies.

At CryptoFish, we offer a very simple way for you to instantly purchase leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple using your debit or credit card online.

CryptoFish does not store your credit card details, encrypts your personal information and is GDPR compliant, making it one of the safest and most secure options.  You can trust CryptoFish to easily, securely, and instantly buy cryptocurrency.

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ section on the website or visit our Educational Portal.  Our super-friendly CryptoFish support team is also here to assist you. You can drop them an email or chat live on the website.  To chat, simply type your question into the chat box on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

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