Top 5 Cryptos: How To Buy Cryptocurrency Instantly

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How To Buy Cryptocurrency Instantly

You’ve heard the conversations, you’ve seen the hype, now you want to enter the age of decentralized currency. Welcome, you’ve come to the right place.

Over the past few years we’ve seen the market endure both turbulent and triumphant times. While this may ring alarm bells to the pessimist, it has not deterred the people – we have seen thousands of first time buyers enter the market space every single day. As more and more people understand the real long-term value of cryptocurrency, the market will continue to grow toward mass adoption.

As we run you through our guide on how to buy cryptocurrency in 2019, you will become familiar with not only the currencies themselves, but the payment methods. At CryptoFish you can instantly purchase cryptocurrency with your debit or credit card, in your local currency.

How To Buy Bitcoin

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Often referred to as BTC, Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, and continues to dominate the market at 54.6% (at the time of writing). Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin ATMs popping up globally and more and more companies accepting it as a form of payment. We’ve put together two easy guides for you to buy Bitcoin: buy Bitcoin with credit card and buy Bitcoin with debit card.

How To Buy Ethereum

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Consistently in the Top 3 cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is considered the be the “app store” of blockchain. The platform allows anyone to create decentralised apps (dApps) and release them to the world. The token is called Ether, and is referred to as ETH. Here are two simple ways to buy Ethereum with debit card, and buy Ethereum with credit card.

How To Buy Litecoin

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One of the older cryptocurrencies, Litecoin (LTC) has been around since 2011 and is considered to be the “silver” to Bitcoin’s gold. The cryptocurrency is scalable and quick, and has experienced strong industry support and high trade volumes over the years. If you are interested in buying this cryptocurrency, here is a guide on how to buy Litecoin with debit card, and how to buy Litecoin with credit card.

How To Buy Ripple Screen Shot 2019 05 09 at 11.30.12 AM

Ripple also holds a position in the top 3 cryptocurrencies, and is considered to be the fastest cryptocurrency in terms of transaction speed. The currency offers a solution to cross-border payments, and is celebrated for its low transaction fees. XRP is slightly controversial as it partners with large corporations, although that has had little to no effect on its market domination. Here is our guide on how to buy Ripple with debit card, and how to buy Ripple with credit card.

How To Buy Bitcoin Cash

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You may have heard of Bitcoin Cash recently – it doubled its value in a week! Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of Bitcoin, meaning that it was built on Bitcoin’s blockchain, but with added features. Bitcoin Cash is known for its faster transaction times, and lower transaction fees. Looking to buy into this cryptocurrency? We have step-by-step guides on how to buy Bitcoin Cash with credit card, and how to buy Bitcoin Cash with debit card.

Buy Cryptocurrencies with CryptoFish

There we have it, the comprehensive guide on how to buy cryptocurrency.

CryptoFish provides the latest news, educational insights and a secure place to buy various cryptocurrencies.

At CryptoFish, we offer a very simple way for you to instantly purchase leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple using your debit or credit card online.

CryptoFish does not store your credit card details, encrypts your personal information and is GDPR compliant, making it one of the safest and most secure options.  You can trust CryptoFish to easily, securely, and instantly buy cryptocurrency.

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ section on the website or visit our Educational Portal.  Our super-friendly CryptoFish support team is also here to assist you. You can drop them an email or chat live on the website.  To chat, simply type your question into the chat box on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

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