Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card On Luno: 4 Easy Steps

buy bitcoin with credit card

How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card On Luno

You’ve got your Luno wallet, and now you want to fill it. If you, like us, were wondering how to buy the world’s biggest cryptocurrency with your credit card through Luno – we have the solution. By using the top rated payment gateway, CryptoFish, we are going to run you through how to buy Bitcoin with credit card and help you get it delivered straight into your Luno wallet.

How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card On Luno

Assuming that you already have your Luno account set up, we are going to walk you through the process of how to buy Bitcoin with credit card and get it stocked up. Firstly, head to CryptoFish and click on the blue Get Started button in the top right hand corner, or below the Buy Bitcoin Instantly screen, as below.
buy btc on luno credit card
1. Register

You’ll be redirected to a screen asking for your name, email and new password. Once you’ve filled these in, hit the blue Get Started again.

buy btc luno with credit card

Immediately after, you will receive a mail verifying your registration. Click on the link in the mail and you’re all set up!

2. Select the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy with your credit card for your Luno wallet

You will be redirected to Your Dashboard.

buy btc on luno with credit card

credit card purchases on luno

Laid out very simply, move your way through the three / four questions. If you need any assistance there is live support at the ready in the lower right hand corner.

Currently CryptoFish accepts most local currencies, however it only displays the amount in EUR and USD for the time being. When it is charged to your credit card, it will be in your local currency.

When you are ready, click “Buy Now”.

3. Confirm amount and Enter Your Luno Bitcoin Wallet Address

add bitcoin to luno with credit card

Once you have confirmed how much Bitcoin you want to buy, you will need to enter your wallet address – cue your luno account! On the right hand column of your Luno account, select Wallet, select BTC Wallet, and select your Receive Address (as per picture below). Your wallet address is a unique combination of 26 – 35 digit combination of letters and numbers. You will enter this wallet address into the space provided on CryptoFish (as above).

how to buy credit card on luno

buying with credit card on luno

4. Make your payment with credit card | New users have to complete KYC once – Registered users get instant purchases.

how to buy btc on luno credit card

You will be redirected to the 4 step payment process. This involves:

      1. Billing Info: enter email address, phone number and billing address
        1. These will be verified by email and text, follow instructions and continue
      2. Payment: enter your card details (for your security, these details are not stored on site)
      3. Verification: you will need to upload your government issued ID, passport or driver’s license, depending on your region. This is simple KYC procedure, and is used to verify your identity.
      4. Thank you. You are all sorted.

The verification process is usually immediate, however it can take up to twenty four hours.

Once the payment is received, you will immediately receive an email confirming that the Bitcoin has reached your Luno wallet. It will then need to go through three verification confirmations before you can use it as per Bitcoin protocol. The time it takes to reach your wallet may also fluctuate depending on how busy the Bitcoin network is at the time.

Congratulations!  You now know how to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card on Luno!

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