Bitcoin Gifts For a Joyous Bitcoin Christmas!

bitcoin gifts

Bitcoin Gifts

As the end of the year approaches, so do the family lunches and get-togethers. As many re-unite with loved ones and recount the year that passed, inevitably the topic of Bitcoin will come up amongst those within the community and their “pre-coiner” social circle.

Bitcoin, no stranger to controversy, has seen another volatile year that has seen it fly up to USD 14 000 from USD 3100 and return back to just half the peak, USD 7200, at the time of writing this post.

Next year will see the Bitcoin halving and a fresh round of speculation, no one knows where the price will go but many do predict a massive boom. If you are wondering what to get a loved one this Christmas, why not make it a Bitcoin Christmas?

Put Bitcoin Gifts in the Christmas Stocking!

Bitcoin gifts are so much more than the value or novelty of the intangible digital gold. Bitcoin gifts are the key to a rabbit hole that if one enters, many other epiphanies will follow.

The principles of Austrian Economics, sound money and censorship resistance will suddenly become topics that will be debated over dinner tables with friends and family.

The power of saving and the often forgotten principles of investing will follow. Overconsumption and the unhealthy consumerism that plagues our societies will suddenly become painfully obvious. The gap between the ultra-rich and the man on the street and the reasons behind it will become more explainable.

Above all, Bitcoin gifts will be self-sovereignty, true ownership of an asset that is so much more than its utility. The gift of Bitcoin will be the keys to personal freedom. Instead of swiping that credit card and enlisting yourself in the mass frenzy of gift buying, buy bitcoin instead!

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