How To Succeed With Bitcoin Dollar Cost Averaging

bitcoin Dollar cost averaging

Win With Bitcoin Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is an investment strategy in which a fixed amount is invested in an asset at fixed intervals. This strategy is recommended for risk-averse investors because it allows them to invest amounts they are comfortable with at their own pace.  Find out more about dollar cost averaging to determine if this is the right cryptocurrency strategy for you.  

Bitcoin Investor Reluctance

The huge potential for profit making in the cryptocurrency market often draws the attention of potential investors. However, the volatile nature of the market equally causes people to hesitate to make their first purchase. During uptrends, the uncertainty about the next direction of the price movement causes individuals to postpone their first purchase to the next bear market in order to get it at lower prices. The same individuals are often overwhelmed by the negative sentiments that characterize bear markets. Some potential investors never make their first purchase as a result.

Such individuals have legitimate concerns since there are real-world examples of individuals who went all in and purchased bitcoin at its peak in late 2017 and had to watch their investment lose up to 84% of its value in the 2018 bear market. Historically, holding through downtrends have proven profitable in the long run as bitcoin price has consistently recovered from downtrends. This notwithstanding, not every investor can stomach huge loses on their first purchase. This is where dollar cost averaging is useful.

Bitcoin Dollar Cost Averaging: How it Works with Bitcoin

Potential bitcoin investors can use a bitcoin dollar cost averaging strategy by spending a fixed amount of their fiat currency on buying bitcoin at a predetermined interval. For instance, an investor can decide to purchases $20 dollars worth of bitcoin on a weekly basis. Another may decide to make monthly purchases of bitcoin worth $80. The idea with bitcoin dollar cost averaging is to avoid risking a lump sum at once.

The bitcoin dollar cost averaging strategy also leaves the individual less exposed to the bitcoin price volatility and can be employed in both bear and bull markets. In bear markets, it can be used by investors who are uncertain about the bottom and are concerned about catching a falling knife. On the other hand, investors can use the strategy to avoid going all in at the peak of a bull cycle.

In addition to reducing risk, bitcoin dollar cost averaging practitioners will be generally less nervous about their investments as compared to investors who put a large sum into the market at once. This is because the feeling of money going out is less when small amounts are spent periodically. In a nutshell, bitcoin dollar cost averaging makes it easier for investors to enter the bitcoin market confidently and with less risk.

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