How to Buy Ripple With a Credit Card in 2019

how to buy ripple 2019


It is time to buy learn how to buy Ripple with a credit card in 2019. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide for you on how to buy Ripple with a credit card in 2019.


Why Buy Ripple?

Consistently ranked one of the top three cryptocurrencies with the highest market cap, Ripple is here to revolutionise the way money is sent across the world. Ripple can handle a large amount of transactions per second, at a fraction of the price. 1000% faster than Bitcoin, if you’re counting. Ripple is somewhat different to other altcoins in that it works with large institutions (banks, payment providers) offering quick and affordable solutions to cross-border payments. Traded as XRP, there is a limited supply of 100 billion with only 41.3 billion XRP currently in circulation.


How to buy Ripple with a credit card in 2019

CryptoFish has made buying cryptocurrency super simple. On the home page enter your email address when you see the prompt below. Alternatively, if you have an account Sign In in the top right hand corner.

how to buy ripple


1. Register

To register, enter your name, your email address and a password (of eight or more characters).


buy ripple with credit card


You will receive a prompt to activate your account in an email. Follow the link and it will automatically take you to your Dashboard.


2. Select Ripple or USD or EUR amount


buy ripple

how to buy ripple with a credit card in 2019


Select the XRP option on the top left hand side.

Decide whether you would like to select a preset amount, or if you would prefer to choose your own.

In both circumstances, CryptoFish has already worked out the Ripple rate for you.

You will see that the prices on the website are displayed in USD or EUR, however CryptoFish accepts most currencies. Change between EUR and USD by using the dropdown arrow.

Confirm your amount and “Buy Now”.


3. Enter your Ripple wallet address


how to buy ripple with credit card


The next prompt will ask you to confirm the XRP amount and to enter your XRP wallet address and Destination Tag. Every Ripple wallet address has a destination tag, a code that specifies the “account” within your wallet to where the money should be directed. You can find out more about destination tags here.

If you don’t yet have a wallet, click on the red text below the XRP address box, or download one here.


4. Payment


how to buy ripple 2019


You will automatically be taken to the payment page where you will need to enter your personal and billing info, followed by your credit card details. To ensure all security measures are met, CryptoFish will never store your credit card details.

When you reach the verification page you will need to submit your government issued ID. To ensure speedy verification, follow the helpful guidelines on the page. This process typically clears instantly, however it can take up to twenty four hours. Once your payment, wallet address and destination tag have been confirmed, CryptoFish will send your XRP.


How can I track my Ripple purchase?

by logging onto a publicly available “Blockchain Explorer” like and entering your wallet address you can see the transaction details and whether XRP has been sent or received.


how to buy ripple with credit card in 2019


How to buy Ripple FAQ

If you are still unsure about anything or have any further questions, please check out our FAQ section on the website or contact our friendly CryptoFish support team on the website or on email.

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