CryptoFish facilitates the purchase of CryptoCurrencies worldwide through our online and mobile interface specifically designed to take the complexity out of the process.

FISH stands for Financial Intelligence Serving Humanity. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that all can partake in the digital revolution without barriers of tedious on-boarding, payment difficulties and limited countries of service.

CryptoFish has aligned with pioneers of the CryptoCurrency industry and we are founded on the principles of reliability and trust. We apply best practices in the industry with reference to privacy, transfer and security.

Sarah Kozlowski

Originally in the BioTech space with registered patents, Sarah focused her entrepreneurial attention into the CryptoCurrency arena after being exposed to the technology in 2010 whilst Project Director of the Secure Card Payment Switch platform for Neo Africa.

After witnessing the proliferation of scams on the continent around Bitcoin and CrptoCurrency over the years, she founded CryptoFish to be the simplified and secure solution to those wanting to safely experience this dynamic and ground breaking development to the worlds Financial Industry.

Wes Carlson

First exposed to Bitcoin in 2012 and fascinated by the possibilities of this new technology, Wes has since established a solid footing in the CryptoCurrency industry.

Gaining competency on technical blockchain issues, he has consulted with various projects mainly on product viability, blockchain compatibility, product design and launch, marketing, and blockchain systems integration.

Enjoys participating in public technical discussions focused on the issues and possibilities of Bitcoin and CryptoCurrencies.

Slava Korobeynikov

Slava is an entrepreneur with a focus on product management and background in blockchain, IoT, and SaaS.

During his engagement with Agora Partnerships, an accelerator program for social entrepreneurs from Latin America, Slava has managed AdWords budget and helped to organise demo days for two batches of entrepreneurs.

Awarded a full academic scholarship Berea College, he founded SIAM, a social venture that empowers Appalachian youth and successfully raised seed capital.

Suyash Sumaroo

Suyash has over 10 years experience in the software development sector.

Being a full-stack developer, he helped develop and launch various cloud-based services based on the SAAS model.

Since 2015, Suyash has been specializing in CryptoCurrency and blockchain technologies and has been among the first to launch blockchain-based commercial products and services in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean.

Suyash Sumaroo

With an infallible background in sales, communication, marketing and more extensively: the IT sector pertaining specifically to global standards in redundancy, continuity and security - Laraleigh is an ever-evolving protagonist for innovation and revolution.

Able to effortlessly adapt to any of the roles currently required of her - Administrative Manager, Compliance Officer, Executive Assistant - she has a hunger for the imminent success of any project she is recruited for.